Engaging at least 200 businesses in providing a full range of experiential learning opportunities for Lakes Region students by the year 2020.

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Lakes Region Internship & Job Shadow Database

This website contains internships and job shadows created specifically for high school age students in the NH Lakes Region. Any young person in the region is welcome to use this tool to explore their career interests.

The 200 by 2020 Initiative leverages its relationships in the business community to create opportunities for our young people because we want them to stay here. We want them to know that there are exciting careers and good-paying jobs for them here. We want them to feel valued and confident, and to give them a chance to apply what they learn in school out in the real world.

If you already have an account you may login here to manage your information and internships. Please contact your school guidance department to create an account. If you are home-schooled, please contact the guidance department at a local high school to get your account set up. We ask that all internships be completed under the auspices of a local school to ensure that our participating employers receive the benefit of the school's liability insurance coverage.


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